Hide Instant Preview in Google Search

It has been some time since Google have introduced this new feature of showing the page preview right from the Google search page. This is a good feature if you want to see how the website looks like before opening it from Google.

To see the preview you just need to hover your mouse over the arrow button beside the web page link on Google, and it will directly show you the preview of the page. The feature is good in some regards, but in case if this irritates you then here is how to disable or hide this preview feature in the Google search.

Yes, this feature can irritate you if while browsing you tend to hover your mouse over each of the link and it open the preview for you. Whether this is the case or you just wish to hide the preview, then you can use this following userscript.

Moreover the userscript mentioned here, can also enable the Google cache and Related links options in the search page. To install the userscript, what you all need to do is just open the webpage mentioned below, click the install button mentioned and the userscript will successfully get installed in your browser.

Note that this script has been found to work in Firefox and Chrome browsers only.

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