Hide Now Playing Music Info and Album Art from iPhone Lock Screen

When you are listening to some songs from your iPhone, it shows on your lock screen. Song details like singers, album art and other details are displayed on the lock screen. Although it is a useful feature to have all the information right on your home screen and without needing to click the songs, but it can be too revealing for people around you.

There might be occasions when you are listening to some music, which you might want to hide from others close to you. In that case, it can be done using an app called as Secret “Now Playing” which can be downloaded from the Cydia Big Boss repo on your jailbroken iPhone.


What this app does is, it hides all, well most of the information from the lock screen displaying just the home page. See the screenshot above. You will need to set the app first after downloading to be able to get it working.


So go to settings, open this app and toggle it to Enabled. This will provide you more options to hide the music title or album art or may be other settings that you can click and try for yourself. This app might be useful in situation when you are listening to your secret music on headphones, thereby displaying no information on the screen and keeping the music completely secret. [via]

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