Hide the Currently Playing Songs Info from iPhone Lock Screen

This goes for all the iPhone users and for all those who have always wanted a way to disable or hide the music and the songs being played on their phone from the Lock Screen. Whenever you play some song on your iPhone the song information like the Album name, artist name and the song image is displayed on the iPhone Lock Screen.

This is sort of an added feature that helps us in knowing which song is currently being played just by looking at the phone but this sometimes can minimize our privacy. There can be times when you wish that no body can find out which song you are playing, to add to your privacy or simply you wish to have a cleaner interface on your iPhone display.


So whatever be your reason, this post will help you in hiding the songs information from the iPhone lock screen. There is small tweak for this purpose called as Secret “Now Playing” (yes with the quotes in the name) and as the name suggests, this app will let you disable the Now Playing songs information from the iPhone lock screen.


The app can be downloaded free from the Cydia store but you will first need to configure the app in the settings after installing before it is able to take control. So just go the Settings, where you will find the app settings. To configure the settings, Enable the app from the first button as shown. Now you will get more options below which will hide the information from the lock screen making the phone look lot cleaner.

Remember you can hide or show following items using this utility, album artwork, song name, song artist and the song album. So if you liked the app get it for free from the BigBoss repository [via]

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