Hide Photos, Videos and Audio in your phone with Hide it Pro

Everyone of us has got some personal data in our phones that we don’t want to share with anyone. So whether it is the photos, music files, videos, apps or some files you need to protect them from accidental view by your friends. You would never want anyone to come across your personal data while they are flipping your photographs in the gallery, would you?

I got an android phone recently (Note 2) and when I transferred some of my videos into it I was surprised to see that it was stored in the same Gallery along with the photographs. There was no way to store them to some other location, and in case if I want to hide them from anyone seeing my gallery, I was unable to do so.

Hence I started using this free (yet unlimited) app called Hide it Pro (also known as Audio Manager). Using this app was very easy and it took care of what my phone was missing. After installing this app, I can now hide my videos (also photos, apps, files, music files, sms etc) from the Gallery and store them into another folder.

When you run the app for the first time, you can set either PIN or a Password for accessing this app. Then when you long press the Audio manager logo, it will open the app interface. Now you can hide the stuffs that you want. I clicked on Videos icon, and when I clicked on the + sign to add files my phone listed all the videos stored in it. I just had to select them and click the Hide Selected button to hide them.

Now the videos had disappeared from the Gallery and are stored in the folder as saved by me. Even this folder is password protected which makes me free of any worries. Not only videos you can protect your other kinds of stuffs too using this app.

The only downside of the app being, it displays ads which shall not be much of a problem.

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