Highlight Text in Firefox with Wired-Marker

If you need to highlight some text in MS Word then you use the highlighter available but there are situations when we come across some text on some website which we want to mark so as to read later on.

Web browsers lack this feature but there is an add-on in Firefox using which we can select and highlight a text in the web page itself. The add-on called Wired-Marker is a permanent (indelible) highlighter that you use on Web pages.

The add-on enables the user to make use of many colors available with this extension. The highlighted content is automatically recorded in a scrapbook and saved. The highlighted content is saved automatically by this extension and is displayed every time you open the web page. It also adds a sidebar which can be used to jump to the highlighted section by clicking on the color shown.

After highlighting with Wired-Marker, the highlighted sections remain visible on the page when you revisit. You won’t be lost of where the important content was on your bookmarked page because the marker remains. You can customize as many markers as you want with different colors and fonts to organize different information.

Download Wired-Marker

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