Highlight Webpages with Highlighter Pen

Today we all are dependent on internet. We surf internet, gather information related to various topics and use them for different projects as well as to enhance our knowledge. It happens a lot of time, while surfing we find something unique and would like to share with our friends. Usually we save that webpage or take a screenshot of it and e-mail it to our friends to take a look. But it is difficult to tell them exactly what you want to show them. Of course you can select text from the webpage and copy it to “Notepad” or “Word” and send it to them, but it is a lengthy process.

So for this you can use Marker.to, A Yellow Highlighter Pen for Webpages. In our school days we often used a highlighter to mark important points in those long and boring chapters. Marker.to does the same in case of webpages. It is an extension which is currently supported by Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. When you install this extension you can simply highlight important text in a webpage by clicking on the icon and by using your mouse. 

To use this extension, follow the link given below and it leads to a webpage which will guide you with the process of installation. After the installation is complete an icon of this tool will appear on your browser. Now you can go to any webpage and use this tool. This tool creates a special link for the highlighted version of the page.

This tool is very easy to use and you can simply use it whenever you want. The biggest advantage of this service is that the recipients don’t need the extension installed to view the highlights and it should work across most browsers. This tool is necessary for those who like reading on the internet.

Download Marker.to

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