How to Add More TTS Voice to Windows

Windows has got, by default, Microsoft Anna voice and with the outcome of Windows 7 other voices like Microsoft Sam have been removed. So we are left with only once voice now which is Microsoft Anna. Today with the development and usage of more and more text to speech narration tools we are using the system voice frequently thus it can happen that someone is not liking this voice or having problems in understanding the MS Anna voice.

In this case, we definitely need more voices in our machines. So now the question arises, how do we add more TTS voices to our Windows machine? Well there is no provision for that, at least by default but we can use third party sites which can help us in providing with more options of the voice.


One of our readers also wanted to add more system voice in his Windows machine so that other than Microsoft Anna voice, he has more options to choose from. If you also wish to get more system voices then here are some websites that I came across.


The first is called ByteCool and this site offers some free as well as paid text-to-speech voices that you can download for your machine.

To be able to add the voices, you just need to download the voice, and double click it to add it your machine. After it has been added, you can now go and check the system sound panel which will now list more voices apart from Microsoft Anna.


This website can provide you with Microsoft Mary and Mike voices that were present in older versions of the Windows. The installation process is same for this website too.

Note: Since these are the third party websites, we recommend you to scan the downloaded files first to be sure of their fraudulency. Mbam is a good tool for this purpose.

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