How to Check Memory Used by Web Pages

There are lots of web browsers in the world like Firefox, Chrome and IE and each of them consumes different memory for opening the same web page.

Firefox is a heavy web browser that takes lot of memory to open a page but the add-ons it support really make it worthwhile. But if you wish to know how much memory is consumed in opening a web page then what you need is Google Chrome.

Chrome has a built in Task Manager that can show you how much memory is being consumed in opening a web page. All you need to do is access the Task Manager either by

right clicking on the chrome on taskbar or by pressing Shift + Esc when Chrome is maximized.

A window like the one above will open that will show you the memory requirements by the browser however if you want to see more details then click the link “Stats for nerds”.

If you know any other method then share it here.

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