How to Choose a Right Printer for Yourself

Printers are nowadays, most important part of our daily lives. With day to day requirements of project work, assignments and other things, we definitely need a printer at home connected to our system. So if you are planning to buy a printer for yourself soon then here are some tips to help you decide.

First of all decide upon the following points:

1. Identifying the Needs:

Ask yourself some basic questions like how many printouts would you plan to take in a month, how many should be in color print, would you take printouts of photographs or only the documents and what is you budget?

2. Inkjet Printers:

These are the most common family of printers that are color capable. These printers are cost effective but have various downsides too. The cartridge usually cost around INR 1500 and it can print about 500 pages, giving the cost per page as INR 3. But if a printer is not used for some time, the ink may dry thereby raising the cost per page.

3. Laser Printers:

Consider Laser printers in case you need to print high volume of sheets per month. Print cartridges cost around INR2000-3000. The added advantage they have is that the ink will not dry up as it is already in the powder form. However they consume more power.

4. USB, Ethernet or WiFi?

If you are planning to connect one system to a printer, go for the USB model. In case you decide to connect multiple computers to a single printer, networked printer is the best one. But in case you don’t wish to use any wires, use the wireless models.

5. All-in-One Printer:

If you have all kinds of office requirements from copying, scanning, fax to printing then you should definitely go for the All-in-One printer.

Basics of Printing: Some more deciding factors

• Resolution:

There are two common resolutions for printers 600 dpi and 1200 dpi. Higher the resolution, sharper the prints would be. If you mostly need to print text documents, 600 one would be fine but to print images and graphics, 1200 one is needed.

• Brands:

There are many Printer brands available worldwide like HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung and Lexmark etc. We would suggest you to go only for those whose drivers, supplies and spares are easy to find.

• Drivers:

Most printers come by default with Windows drivers but in case you are using Mac or Linux then do check before buying.

• Refills:

We would advise you to only buy the genuine cartridges and stay away from the refills as a bad cartridge can void the printer warranty. If you also wish to use any third party cartridge other than the printer make, then do check the recommended brands on the printer website.

So after you have decided which printer you should go for, drop a comment below and let us know how you did like this post. You can also share it with your buddies to help them decide.

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