How to Create Google+ Page for Yourself

Google+ is another mostly used social networking website after Facebook today. Google+ provides almost all features that Facebook does. If you are using Google+, then you might want to setup a fan page or so for your business, organization, club, or just for personal self-promotion.

Thus now you can create such pages which will promote your ideas and could make it more distinctive as compared to other pages. Though most of the pages present on Google+ are based on business activities but there is a lot of space available to create group/personal pages that can be used as blogs where you can add original content, or linked content from anywhere on the web.

To start creating your page, log into your account and select “More” option which can be located on the side menu bar of on your account page. Then hover over Pages icon present next to the games option. After this you will find a red “Create new page” button, move your mouse pointer over the button and select it.

Moving further, you will be required to pick up a category that best describes your page. Once you have selected the category, you will have to enter all the information that you want to share on your page. You can also set a profile image for your page that should be at least of 250×250 pixels.

If you want to add more effects to enhance your page, then you can use “Creative Kit” where you can easily edit your page. Once you are done, click finish and your page is ready to publish. You can customize it afterward also. Though Google+ may not be as widely popular as Facebook, but it is nevertheless another useful place on the net for promoting your business, organization and institution to build a fan following.

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