How to Delete System Restore Points

System Restore Points provides a better way to undo any change made to the Windows after you have installed a software or done some changes that does not work up to your expectation.

The computer restores the system to some older System Restore Points, points when our system was working absolutely fine and up to our expectations. But this feature requires some space to store the Restore Points to be able to restore.

You would also have noticed the hard disk space getting increasing and decreasing on its own this is because the restore points get created and deleted automatically. One of our readers also wanted to know how to delete the System Restore Points.


1.    You can put a limit on memory space used by the System Restore Points. Go to System Properties -> System Restore tab and click settings. Here you can move the slider to choose the amount of space for the System Restore Points in each drive.

2.    But if you want to delete the already created then right click on C Drive (example) and click on Disk Cleanup.

3.    Now choose the More Options tab and in the System Restore section click Clean Up.

4.    This will delete all the System Restore Points except the most recent one created and will free up most of your hard disk space.

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