How to Disable Automatic Software Updates on your System

We have lot of software installed on our systems. We use many of them on regular basis and some are kept idle. As there is regular increase in technology changes, almost all companies try to adapt those changes, thus releasing updates for the software we use. In several cases I have found that many users have configured the software for automatic updating. Actually it is somehow good to update your software on a regular basis as it helps you to install the latest changes and improvements that have been made in the software.

But sometimes this automatic update feature may also harm your system as seen with the latest flash update that caused crashes and system freeze for some Firefox installations. Moreover if you are running a network of computers, you would like to thoroughly review the update before installing it on all systems.

Though there are options available in almost all browsers to disable such updates but you have to go through various configurations in your browser. Thus instead of that you can use a utility which is known as Update Freezer. The utility works in Windows and helps you to choose as well as disable automatic updates features associated with different software in one go. Moreover other programs like Windows update, Adobe reader update and Skype update etc can also be managed from this single application only.

To start using the application, go to the UpdateFreezer.cmd program to open the main interface displaying software products and companies it supports, and their respective update status.  Mostly all the popular software are listed there in the list of this program.

The program will automatically detect the update related information and will display in its main interface instantly. You can configure the settings there only. This is a free to use application. The utility is quite handy and useful as well. You can grab it from the link given below.

Download Update Freezer

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