How to Disable Facebook Beep Sound Notifications

Although notifications are helpful as they notify us of some important event or action that has occurred so that we can review them but if the notifications are too many then it might irritate the user. I like to receive notifications on my phone too for different stuffs like Facebook, whatsapp, messages etc but I had enabled the light notifications and not the sound notifications.

Receiving too many sound beeps for the notifications irritates me. So if this is the case with you then I am sure you won’t also be liking the sound beep notifications on Facebook. While using Facebook we not only receive a small notification in the bottom left of the screen but also a beep sound along with it.

In case you are looking a way to turn off this beep sound on notifications while using Facebook through computer then it is very simple to do so. Facebook had got a setting for that too in the Account Settings from where it can be turned off.


1. Go to Menu on top right and click Account Settings.

2. On left, click on the Notifications button.
3. In the section How you get Notifications (On Facebook), uncheck the option of “Play a sound when each new notification is received”.

4. Click Save Changes and you are done.

Now whenever you receive a new notification while surfing on the Facebook, you won’t hear any sound and would be able to do the work without getting distracted (A small tip for all the notification sound irritated users).

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