How to Dispose Off a CD/DVD

We have lots of CD DVD disks with us, don’t we? Now what if you have burnt some important and secret data on the CDs but do not wish to use it in future?

No doubt, you should dump or dispose the CD but what is the best way to do that? Breaking a CD involves risks as the broken part can fly and hurt us, thus here is a list of steps in this Tip of the Week, that will help you in disposing the important but useless CDs.


•    The best way to dispose off a CD disk is by using a paper cum CD shredder. The shredder also has a support for credit cards etc and is the best way to shred a CD if you have it.

•    You can also make use of a hard bristle brush like a brush with metal spikes to scratch the CD in a manner that it removes most of the shiny part of it.

•    You may use a sand paper or just rub the CD on to the ground firm enough to make it unusable.

•    But if you still want to dispose a CD by breaking it then be sure that you have worn a hand glove and all the parts of your body are covered especially your eye.

•    What about giving it to your child with your car key? 🙂

Got more ideas, let me know.

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  1. You’d want to be wire-brushing the “label” side, not the shiny side – or of course both sides to be safe. The data is nearer the label, and I’ll guarantee I can get data off the shiny side if you scratch it with wire wool/steel brushes rather easily 🙂

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