How to Download or Save Facebook Videos Instantly

Apart from reading stories of my friends and seeing their relationship status change from one state to another on Facebook, I also enjoy watching some videos that people share mostly kind of educational or entertainment ones. Sometimes the videos worth viewing again, and I feel that I should may be download it on my system.

If you think, you might also need to download the video and keep it with you then this post will be really helpful to you. Although there is no brainer in downloading a video from internet when we have lot many downloading websites or tools available, however the reason I am writing this post is to let you know the easiest way for the same.


1. Assuming you are already on Facebook, you are watching the video that you like a lot.
2. The video might be auto playing for you; this will only happen if you have Flash Player enabled in your browser.

3. So, what you need to do is just right click on the video itself and click on the option of “Save Video as
4. That’s it, doing this you can save the video then and there on your computer.

You don’t need to go to the YouTube link of the video to extract the URL so that you can use it in some other downloader to download the video. If you found it simple and effective, do share the tip with others you know.

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