How to Enable Google Now Cards on Chrome

The day since Google Now has come to our Android phone, it had made our life easier and simpler. Google Now is one of the best features of Google which I liked as it not only monitors our activities in our phone but also displays cards based on that and actually which might come helpful to us.

For instance, if you have looked for some movie online (when you have logged into Google with your login) then it will start displaying information regarding this movie like the movie show times, reviews and etc. So if you also liked the Google Now, then you can have it on your Chrome browser too.


This update was released in March and in case you still can’t see the cards, then here is how to enable the Google Now cards on your Chrome.

1. First of all you need to login and stay signed in Chrome with your same Google login as used in your phone

2. Now you can enable it by two options, either by the small bell icon placed in your system tray (for Windows) or on top in case of Mac, or by changing the value using the Chrome Flags.

a. Using Bell icon: Click on the small bell icon, to open the window as shown. Now click on the gear icon to see the options. Now you need to check the Google Now option to see the cards.


b. Using the Chrome flags option: Type chrome://flags in the URL and press enter. Now search for the Google Now option using the Search feature and from the drop down select the Enabled option. Note: Changing flags about which you don’t have any information, might crash your Chrome.


3. Restart the Chrome browser.

Now when you click on the small bell icon in the system tray, you would be able to see the Google Now Cards on your screen. Moreover since you have logged in with your same Google account, your searches and information will be the same on your phone too.

Let me know how you did like the cards and the post.

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