How to Find if a Customer Review is Fake or not

Online Shopping is one of the easiest ways of shopping. Most people like to shop online as it provides with the comfort of being at home and avoid the queues. But the problem is here that if you are not sure of the product, then you might find it difficult to determine how the product will be actually. Product Reviews are the best way to overcome this issue.

Every time I go to some shopping site, before buying the specific product I always look up its reviews below both about the product and about the seller as learning from other people’s experience helps a lot. Now other problem these days is the fake reviews. Most sellers put up either fake or paid reviews on their products as this helps in advertising the product, hence more sale.

Thus it is extremely important to find what all reviews are fake. Although there is no specific way of finding if a review is genuine or not but using the below mentioned criteria we can, at least, get close to it.

• Total Praise with no weaknesses
I have also reviewed some products with 5 stars but it happened very rare that each of them was perfect. Either with boxing, product, or with other thing, there was some or the other problems. So if you find a product review with no problems what-so-ever, chances are that it might be fake.

• Review Date
You should also take the help of review date to spot a fake review. Since a customer takes more time to experience a product and be able to write a review, if you see a review posted within couple of days of purchasing the product, it might be fake. Also if there are many “Good” reviews posted the same day, they might not be genuine too.

• Review Tone/language
If the tone or the language in which the review is written feels like more of advertisement either about the product or the seller, then it must not be genuine.

• Many Reviews by the same user
If you come across many “good” reviews on the same product by the same reviewer, then it might not be the case of a genuine review.

• Reviewer Names
All the authentic reviewers tend to keep their original or genuine looking name instead of some names that makes no sense like nr1234. This is because the fake reviewers don’t spend too much time thinking on a review, hence choose a random name.

Well I won’t say these are the only criteria to find a fake review, but these should help. Do post a comment if you have more ways to find out. [via]

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