How to find if your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit

If you have recently bought a new system then you might know what your OS bit is but if it is an old system or you just wanted to find out what is the bit version of the OS you using in your system then here are the steps for it.

Although determining OS bit version is very simple but not everyone knows it. So in case you also don’t know how to find it just read below.

For Windows 7/Vista users:

If you are currently using Windows 7 or Vista as the OS then:

1.    Click Start button2.    Right click on the Computer button to open the context menu.
3.    Select Properties option from the menu.
4.    Now when you will see the “System Type” option under “System” section, you will find the bit version listed there (as shown below).

For Windows XP users:

1.    Follow the same process again to open the System Properties dialog (that is right click on My Computer button and select Properties button).
2.    Look just below the “Microsoft Windows XP” label for the particular edition of XP (for example, “Professional x64 Edition” or “Home“). If the edition contains the word “x64” then your machine has a 64-bit version of Windows XP.

Well if your system OS is 32-bit then this is one more reason to upgrade.

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