How to Fix Samsung Fast Charging Not Working for Galaxy and Note Phones

Recently I got myself Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ which is a fantastic smartphone with a curved screen on both the sides. I love the phone and there is absolutely nothing in it which it can’t do when compared to any other phone in the current market.

To add to the features that I love in this phone, there is one feature of Adaptive Fast Charging which means when the battery goes down you can fast charge it to full in around 30-40 mins but if you compare this to other phones they would still take like 90 to 120 mins to completely charge.


Recently I have been observing whenever I put in the charger; it does a regular Cable Charging and didn’t do the Fast Charging no matter what battery level I am at that moment. This was something new to me, as people I knew who have this phone are not facing this problem.

So after doing some research and digging into the issue, I was finally able to get to the root cause and finally solve my problem. I did a quick video (below) to explain in detail to you guys.


Well in most of the cases it is the faulty USB wire that is creating this issue. So just try replacing the wire with a new one and you should see your phone fast charging again every single time even in the 90% of the battery range.

So just check your cable and see if there is a missing gold colored plate inside the cable head. If it is, then you know what to do.

I hope it solves your problem, if it does drop a comment below to let me know.

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