How to Get Metro Tiles in Chrome

Those who are using Windows 8 must be now aware of the new Metro feature. The new tile based screen has changed the interface of Windows completely. These tiles do not only launch the application, it displays all the notifications related to that application. The data contained in these tiles get automatically updated.

Now you can get the same feeling of Metro feature on your chrome. An extension known as “Awesome New Tab Page” can get you the same experience. By adding this extension you can change your default “New Tab Page” with more dynamic and Metro Tile based Interface. 

The gear icon present at the left will help you to configure your tab page. The icon below the gear icon will let you add apps on your page. Then there is the widget icon which lets you add widgets to your page. Then you will see that there is an icon which looks like a clock, this will represent the recently closed pages. The last icon looks like a lock. By clicking on this icon you will be able to delete, edit, replace and add apps and widgets.

The technology has made the icons (which would have been without this extension) out dated and this “Awesome New Tab Page” is a step taken by Google to compete with the fast moving technology. The extension is really awesome. To get this “Awesome New Tab Page”, go to the link given below and install it. When the installation gets complete, you will notice that a basic set of widgets has already been added to the new tab page.

Download Awesome New Tab Page

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