How to Import Contacts from CSV File to Mobile Phone

Recently I have shifted from iOS to Android platform with Samsung Note 2 phone. I had been using iPhone for quite long now and this is my first Android device. I had all my contacts saved in iPhone which I wished to move to my new phone.

Transferring contacts from one phone to another is very important as we can’t remember the phone numbers of all the people we meet. This process is also not easy if you don’t know where to start from. I had all my contacts in iPhone which I couldn’t sync to a computer (as my laptop had changed and I was afraid I might lose them on the next sync).

Thankfully I have had a recent .CSV file of the contacts with me. CSV is a Comma Separated Value file that can be used to store information like phone contacts (I created this csv file by exporting the contacts that were synced with my Outlook). Now next task with me was to transfer the contacts stored in this CSV file to my new Android device.

Transferring contacts from a CSV file to an Android or any other smartphone is not at all difficult. All you need to make sure is that you have a Gmail account.


1. Just open Gmail on your computer, login to access the email.
2. Now click on the drop down arrow beside the Gmail label on the left side.

3. This will give you some of the options, select the Contacts option.
4. Now you will see all of your contacts already saved here.
5. Now click on More button on the top, and select the Import option.

6. This will ask you to browse for CSV or Vcard file from your computer.

7. Upload the CSV file and click Import.

This will now create a new list in the Gmail Contacts. Now open the Gmail app in your Android or any other smartphone and sync the contacts from there. You will see all the contacts appearing in your phone.

Note: This will sync all the contacts stored in your Gmail account, so if you wish not to have some contact in your phone, delete it from Gmail first.

Also I would advice you to start storing contacts on Gmail (right from your cellphone) instead of phone or SIM memory as this would keep them all at one place without worrying about changing/losing cellphones.

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    Due to the limited capabilities of iPhone even over the years, i dont like iPhone now. It’s Android for me.
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