How to Improve Performance of Gmail Spam

Gmail is one of the good mail services but there are occasions when our known and trusted email moves to the Spam folder, then what should we do at this stage just move it to the inbox or something else?

Usually the auto generated mails move to the Spam folder but this does not mean that all the mails generated automatically are spam, so performing the following steps will improve the performance of the Spam filter.


1. If you are sure enough that the mail in the Spam folder is not spam then clicking on the button “Not Spam” not only moves the mail back to the inbox but also tells the Gmail spam filter that the source was genuine and watch out for it next time.

Any mail coming from the same source will directly move to the Inbox next time.

2. Adding the sender’s contact to the address book/contact list ensures that the mail move to the inbox next time. Gmail will always deliver messages from members of your Contacts list to your inbox.

The above points are true for not only Gmail but also for other emails.

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