How to keep Ctrl or any Key Pressed

For all those hard or I should say long working people, there are occasions when you want to keep any key pressed. One of our readers was also wanted to know some way or a tool that can keep the Ctrl key pressed (for the work that he does, he requires the button to be pressed).

So if this is the same case with you, you can also have your Ctrl key or any other key pressed. Well there are few ways of doing this like applying a tape, keeping something on it and other things 🙂 but there is one other and simpler way too that will also do the same work without affecting your keyboard.

Just install this Keyboard Remapper called KeyTweak and you can change or remap all the keys of your keyboard easily. You can not only assign a key to another key but do several other things like:

• Remove all re-mappings with a single button.

• Enable/disable annoying keys.

• Reassign any key to suit you or your working style better

So just download and install this program, use it to assign your Ctrl key to some toggle key like Caps lock or Num Lock and when pressed this will keep it On for rest of the session. Isn’t it a better and simpler way of keeping any pressed using a tool.

Download KeyTweak

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