How to Measure USB Drive’s Read and Write Speed

USB drives are the commonly used storage media today as these are very convenient and easy to use, and also because of their high storage capacity, everyone likes to use them. But there is one more factor which we people tends to ignore while purchasing one. It’s the speed that I am talking about. Yes, everyone likes faster drive and high reading and writing rates.

So what if you have already purchased a drive and don’t know its data read and write rate? Nothing, just use this simple utility from the website called The website is really useful in measuring the read and write speed of your drive but aims at benchmarking all of the USB flash drives across the world.


This website actually stores and compares the data rate of different models of the drives used over the world so that anyone can benefit them self just by observing the trend. To be able to check and measure your own drive’s read and write speed, all you need is a free tool provided by this website and called as USB Benchmark Tool.

This tool is also simple to use, as you just need to plug in the drive, select your drive letter and let the tool scan your drive. The tool will also capture your device information automatically which you can save with you in case you didn’t know.


You can perform the speed test offline too but if you check the Send Report button, the report will be uploaded to the site portal and compared with other drives across the world. On the right and the bottom part of the tool you will see the test being performed at various time intervals. The graph shown in the below part of the tool will also help you analyze the drive.

In short, this is a good tool to check and test your own drive’s read and write speed whereas the site will help you comparing those statistics with others worldwide.

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