How to Migrate/Move Old Email to a new Email Address

Emails are the primary form of communication today and almost everyone rely on this service for better and secure communication. The first email ID that I had created for myself was around 7 years back and this is the address that I mostly use for communication, other online services like Facebook or for creating various login accounts.

However at some point of time I wish to change my email ID (as it was too casual and not at all professional) but changing an email address seems too difficult and pain. If you are also thinking of changing or migrating your old email address to a new one, then this post would definitely help you.

Steps to do when shifting to a new email ID:

1. Announce the use of your new email address to all your mates in the contact list.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is let the world or your friends know that you have created a new email ID and would be using this soon. But sending a single email to everyone one by one is a real pain, so you can use some default service provided by email providers like Yahoo have a feature that lets you announce the use of your email address to all your contacts in one go.

2. Set up the email forwarding service

While you have created a new email ID, people might continue to send emails to your old email. Thus you need to set up an email forwarding service which will forward all the emails that you receive on your old email address to your new email address instantly. Currently, every email service has this feature but in case you can’t find one in yours, you can use third party email forwarding services which are available on the web.

3.  Import contacts

You can readily find a wizard in your new email service that can help you in importing your all the contacts from the old email to the new one that too easily.

4. Update your email address on your online accounts and profiles

I know this would be really painful thing to perform, but if you are moving to a new email address, then you definitely need to update the online accounts and profiles with the new ID that you have created (like FB or Bank account).

5. Keep checking your old email address

You should keep checking your old email address for around 30 days even after the creation of the new email ID as there are chances that you will still receive some emails on it. If you do, then you should take appropriate actions like informing the sender or updating the account etc to minimize this.

After all this has been done, you may delete the old account to protect your privacy and protect it from getting hacked.

We might have missed out some more points, if you have something to say then do let us know.

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