How to Remove Astig.vbs Virus

One of our readers reported of having this malware called Astig.vbs and was facing problems due to this. So if this malware has also infected your system then here are the steps that you need to perform to get it removed.


1.    Run Task Manager, and kill all the processes related to astig.vbs

2.    Permanently delete the astig.vbs file from the drives. If you know the location then delete it from there else search the file in the drives and delete it.

3.    Open Registry Editor, click on My Computer option inside it and search for astig.vbs entry. Use Ctrl + F to open the search menu.

4.    After these steps, open the Internet Explorer or the browser that you use. Delete all the temporary files from there.

5.    If these steps don’t solve the problem then use this Anti-Malware called Mbam to scan your computer. This should remove the infections from the system.

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