How to Resume Windows from Stand By

Seems a simple post for today but let’s face it, most of the computer users come across trouble while they try to resume computer from a stand by state.

So if you also don’t know much about the Stand By stuff then here are the steps that will guide you.

How to put your computer on standby:

1.    You can put your desktop/laptop on standby by manually selecting the standby option when you click the turn off button.

2.    By pushing the power button (if the button settings are stand by)

3.    By closing the lid of the laptop

How to recover from standby:

1.    To come out of standby, you should press the power button or open the lid of your computer.

2.    Moving the mouse also helps resuming.

If it is so simple then why computer does not resume from standby?

The problem occurs when you enter a key or move the mouse before the computer has actually entered into the standby mode.


When you move the USB mouse while the computer is in standby, the Usbport.sys driver calls the USBPORT_CompletePdoWaitWake function. This call is an attempt to bring the computer out of standby, but this call occurs before the computer has fully entered standby. Therefore, the USB mouse and any other USB devices that share the same host controller may stop responding.

This requires Computer Restart and this is when you face problem.

Via Microsoft

3 Replies to “How to Resume Windows from Stand By”

  1. Hi rajat,

    I have a problem, My stand by option is disabled, How can I enable that, event Hybernet tab is also invisible in poweroption from control pannel.


  2. Sir, my computer is intel chipset CPU 370 socket,SDRam 100MHz capacity 128 and VGA 8MB.Now my PC have a problem.When my PC booting winXP,it goes and don’t reach to win.It occurs blue-screen when loading winxp.I format that hardisk but that error still what am i gonna do?I want remove that error and please give me some advise to remove it.Explain with practical.

  3. None of these have worked for me. I did everything you have said, yet still it still hasn’t worked properly. I am typing this from my iPod touch so I could find a way to stop stand by because I was working on a very important art picture, and my father thought I was done. So now my picture is probably lost because I used a program on the Internet. There must be another way to stop stand by.

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