How to Scan Old Photographs Properly

For all those who take Photography as their passion and want to convert their old analog print photos in digital copies, we are going to tell how to do this in a proper manner. You must be thinking that why we came to this topic, since everyone of us know that it is usually done by scanning but if you don’t know how to scan correctly the quality of print will turn out to be poor.

Today this article will make you aware of those tools which we usually overlook and the methods of getting the best possible quality of your pictures. We will be starting out today with “Windows Fax and Scan” program which is included in Windows 7 (we are starting it with Windows 7, because most of us are having windows 7 only) that will help you to scan your photos even if you don’t have any other program installed to scan your photos.

We won’t tell you how to use “Preview” and “Scan” buttons because it is very common and everyone is aware of how to use these options. Put the Resolution at 300 DPI and keep in mind that “Black and White” is actually a single color mode. All the edges will be having a sharply uneven surface or outline. However this mode is good for drawings but not for photos, so use Color or Greyscale to fetch best results.

When you try to straighten your pictures, then the pixel value will get reduce which will result in loss of Resolution so it is advised to scan the images on square to the edge of the flatbed lip.

If you want to opt an advanced scanning then you have to install a scanner driver on your system. If you have installed a device driver then following points may help you in scanning an image with the best possible quality.

24 bit color is the best option you can have and scanning the image with the pixel density more than 300DPI is waste of time unless you have to enlarge the image. In your scanner driver there would be options for adjusting levels and saturation, adjust it as per your convenience. After scanning, save it as a JPG file.

This is the proper way of scanning your pictures. It is suggested to scan your images like this only. Most of us think that we should use Photoshop or GIMP but these software actually stretch and squeeze your images. It is better to scan by using a device driver and then improve the scan in Photoshop or GIMP.

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