How to send exe Executable Files through Email

There are occasions when we need to send some exe files like the executable setup files for some tool to our friends but the problem with these is that the email service providers like Gmail or Yahoo Email, do not allow us to do so because of the safety purposes. This is because the spam that we receive, have the virus as the exe files attached.

Thus whenever we try to send any exe file to our friend, the virus scanner of the email services mark the files as virus (due to suspicion) and thus don’t allow us to send those. Then how should we send them, here is the simple solution.

Steps to send exe files via email:

1.    Log into your email account like Gmail or YMail.

2.    The best and the simplest way to send the file, is by renaming it. We have tried creating a zip/rar archive as well, but this thing worked for some users/files only.

3.    What you need to do is just rename the extension of the file from exe to some other or any extension like txt, doc or abc. Say the file name is setup.exe then to be able to send the file, just rename it to setup.txt or like setup.ex (what this will do is, it will suggest the recipient that the file type is exe which he will rename back to exe).

4.    Attach the file and send it.

This is the simplest solution to send the exe file through email without any software.

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  1. Very good solution. I have tried many times sending .exe files to my friend but had to zip them. Thanks for publishing a useful tip.

  2. But unable to send exe files even though renamed extension. When I renamed setup.exe to setup.txt it is displayed as setup.txt.exe and the gmail is still blocking from sending.

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