How to set Current Music Track as status in Gtalk

Gtalk allows us to set and show the current music track that we are listening to at present. It is a good way to let the others know about our songs collection and also what we are doing at present. But if you are facing problem in displaying the Current Music Track and are going to re-install Gtalk then read this first.

Actually using this method you will be not only able to show the track, you will also be able to stop displaying the track. Gtalk links Windows Media Player and the current track will be shown in it.


•    Run Windows Media Player.
•    Then go to Tools and then options.
•    Click on the Plug-ins tab and select Background category in it.
•    Now check the option of “Google Talk music plug-in” on the right side.
•    Then Apply and exit.

Remember to play the songs only in Windows Media Player.

9 Replies to “How to set Current Music Track as status in Gtalk”

  1. If you are unable to locate the option then first uninstall the Gtalk and then re-install it. Hope that solves your problem.

  2. first uninstall gtalk……and now run setup as run as administrator………fixed……………if u close wmp abruptly….wmp diables all plugins so go to the above location(plugins -wmp) and check

  3. under background plugin, I don’t have option called Google Talk music plug-in.. could you please help

  4. @Siddharth
    If the plugin is not present, then you need to either reinstall the Gtalk or manually download the plugin

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