How to Turn Off the Facebook Apps Permanently

Facebook which is one of the most popular social sites today is being used by almost every individual. There are features that we like but there are other features that we don’t. I remember, when the timeline was introduced no one was actually liking it and wanted to disable from their profile but Facebook had not provided any option to disable them by default.

One such feature that we don’t like today is the app notifications and the unused Games and Apps. If you are someone who just visit Facebook for keeping up to dated with the updates of other users and posting your own, and don’t ever use the Apps on Facebook then you should disable these apps from your profile permanently.

This will help you in keeping out of the irritating App notifications that we regularly receive one or the other day. After doing this you will be also protected from the “invited you to try” type of requests that your buddies send regularly.

Here are the steps to block the Apps completely from your profile (do note that this will also prevent you from login or sharing the Facebook data with any third party website):

1. Click on the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the homepage
2. Now go to the Account Settings.
3. Click Apps in the left side column
4. Now we need to click the Edit button under the Apps you use section.

5. Click on the Turn Off button to go ahead

Now we need to click the Turn Off Platform button in the message that popped up.



Note: You may lose information about apps (ex: high scores, favorite places) and this info can’t be recovered.

We would advice you to do this if you either hate the apps completely or does not use it all. Moreover if you wish to individually turn off the apps, then this link will help you.

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