How to Turn Off Facebook Birthday Notifications

If you are on Facebook, then I am sure you know what this post is going to be all about. Being on Facebook means you are connected to lot of friends and the chances are you are getting one birthday notification daily informing you that either one or many of your friends have birthday today.

Well, receiving notifications for birthdays doesn’t hurt but what if you are a dormant user who doesn’t use Facebook (only uses to see the stories) or don’t take any action on the birthdays. Whatever be the case, I just wanted to tell you that it is actually possible to turn off the Birthday notifications however doing it is a choice which I leave on you.

Here is how to turn off the Facebook Birthday Notifications:

1. Login to Facebook, and click on the Settings button.
2. On left you will see Notifications button, click on it.

3. Now you need to see the “What you Get Notified about” section, and actually this is the section where you can see what all notifications are On that you are receiving.

4. Check for the Birthdays notification, it must be On
5. Edit this option and change it to Off.

That is it; you won’t receive any future Birthday notifications from Facebook. Use this process to undo the change.

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