How to Unpair or Delete Bluetooth Devices from Samsung Galaxy

No one like wires, neither do I and when there are devices available that can pair with your mobile phone either via Bluetooth or via WiFi, why wouldn’t one use these devices. There are occasions when we wish to pair our phone with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as headset, phone, speakers or stereos. Pairing is very easy on every phone but upairing is not that easy and especially when someone is using the phone for the first time.

I have a Samsung Note 2 phone with me for some time now and it took a while for me to figure out how to actually remove or delete the paired Bluetooth devices from the list so that the device list don’t look cluttered with the devices which are not to be paired in the future.


I, once went to a friend’s place and paired my phone with his speakers but I now wanted to remove the pairing and was wondering how to do that. If you are also someone who is looking for some way to unpair the device then here are the steps:

1. Go to Settings in your phone

2. Enable the Bluetooth if it is not already (this is the important step which I was missing, as unpairing is possible after turning it On).

3. Now click on the Bluetooth to see the options inside.


4. You will see all the devices paired till date listed there with a Setting icon besides each of it.

5. Click the Settings icon besides each of it and then click the Unpair option


The device will be removed from the list and the next time you turn On your Bluetooth, you wont see the old and no longer used devices in the list. Was this helpful? Let me know.

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