How to Use Android 4.0 on Windows, Mac & Linux Using Virtual Box

There are many people who don’t have an android phone but they still want to cherish this platform. The android operating system is mostly used in smartphones and tablets these days. Android operating system has its own app store known Google Play from where you can download several useful application for android. But unfortunately you can’t run it on your laptop, computers etc.

Sometimes I feel that if I could use those applications too on my laptop so that I don’t have look at my phone again and again:(. So while exploring the internet I came across a way to run the latest version of Android 4.0 that is Ice Cream Sandwich on our Wndows, Mac & Linux machines.

To run this version, you need to install VirtualBox from the link given below. After installing this, you need to download the pre-configured Android ICS OS setup and extract it on your system. The moment you extract this setup, you will find a file named Android-v4.vbox. Just double-click it to load the configuration file in VirtualBox.

Once you load the file, you will be able to access Android ICS in the virtual machine by double-clicking the Android-v4 VM available in left sidebar. While booting, select the second option Android Start from /dev/sda to continue booting into Android ICS virtual machine.

If it starts well, you will find the latest version of Android OS on your computer. You can switch between screens; use any application that is present in Google Play store, all those arcade and special games and specially the messengers like Watsapp, Viber etc. with which you can keep in touch with your friends even if you don’t own a Smartphone.

Download Virtual Box
Download Android v4 Ice Cream Sandwich Virtual Machine

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