How to use images present in a PDF document

We often use internet/web to solve our problems. Most of the data on the internet is present in the Portable Document Format (PDF) as it is the most preferred medium for exchanging information on the web. The information in PDFs sometime solves our problems but sometimes it even makes your problems more hectic.

Though many of us usually take a screen shot and paste it from the clipboard to the editor as most of us are having free versions of Acrobat Readers. This is a manual way to extract images from the PDFs. You can even use the Photoshop to extract images from the PDFs as it provides you the option of opening a PDF document into it.

Now for those who don’t have much time to waste for these manual activities, we present software known as Some PDF Image Extract. It will take hardly a minute for you to download and install this software on your system as the file size is only 855 KB, just be careful to deselect the option which asks you to install the Blekko search engine as an option (unless you wish to switch away from Google lol)

It is the best app which let you extract images from PDFs in one go and if you are working on many PDF documents at the same time, then it is really a time saver. It allows you to extract the images in all of these formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TGA, and PCX. In case of the JPG output option, you can also control the quality of the extracted image. The most amazing feature of this software is that it even works on password protected documents. It works very smoothly and is supported by all versions of Windows.

Download Some PDF Image Extract

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