How to Work Faster on Slow Net Connections

It is very irritating when you are trying to work on slow internet connection. There is nothing much that you can do when waiting for your email to get sent or waiting for the web page to get fully load before you can actually do something.

There are few dial-up users or people facing the internet problems and if you are one of them then here are some steps how you can reduce your wait time.

1.    Send multiple files faster by compressing them

If you need to send many files over the net to someone then you should send them after compressing them as compressing them using the compress utility like WinZip or WinRar reduces the size dramatically.

2.    Speed browsing by turning off graphics in Internet Explorer

Graphics are important to web pages, but they also take time to download if you’re online. You can turn them off to speed your Internet browsing.

Steps to disable the graphics in IE:
a.    Go to Advanced tab in Internet Options
b.    Uncheck all the entries in the Multimedia section
Note This option is not available in Internet Explorer 8

3.    Send email using distribution lists

Sending email to all the recipients using a distribution list sends out email faster and reduces time as compared to sending email individually.

4.    Work offline using Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook

Even if you lose your network connection, you can continue to working in Outlook if you’re using Cached Exchange Mode. With Cached Exchange Mode, a copy of your mailbox is stored on your computer. Learn more about using Cached Exchange Mode.

5.    Reduce email size with simple email signatures

Email signatures are necessary but make sure that it doesn’t contain many images when you are facing the connectivity problems, simple signature would be enough.

6.    Browse offline by saving web pages on your computer

If you use reference a web page often, save it locally to your computer. If you lose your connection or are working on a slow connection, you’ll still be able to read and find the information you need.

7.    Open web pages faster by increasing your cache

Increasing the cache size would save more number of frequently visited pages and this would save time when you are visiting them again.

Steps to increase the cache size in IE:
a.    In the Internet Options, under General tab and in the Browsing History section click Settings.
b.    In the Temporary Internet Files dialog box, under Check for newer versions of stored pages:, click the Automatically  radio button. Then, set the Amount of disk space to use:  to at least 250 megabytes (MB).

c.    Click OK.
(via Microsoft)

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