Identify any Font with Your Android Smartphone

Does it happen with you that sometimes you encounter some fonts which you like very much and want to know the name of the Font? But it is hardly possible to check each and every font by writing in Microsoft Word. Even we don’t have access to our laptops and computers every time.

We have our Smartphones all the time in our pocket, don’t we? Thus we can use them to identify the fonts. You must be wondering that how can a phone be used to identify fonts. But if you have an Android Smartphone; then you can identify font types.

WhatTheFont is an application available in Google play store that can identify fonts appropriately by using its font identification service MyFonts. To identify a font, what you have to do is just to take an image of the font, whether it is in a magazine, picture or anything using the camera option present in the app only.

Then it will use the online font identification service to identify the font. It will search its directory in order to get the closest match for the font that is in the image. You will get all the details of that font as well. You can even download that font if you want, that too without any charge.

This is a great application to use that you can use any time. For best results, it is suggested to take the image of the font by ensuring that the font is not touching the borders and please avoid using handwritten fonts. To get this app downloaded, visit the following link.

Download WhatTheFont

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