Identify any Unknown Font

I am so interested in photography that I want my sign on the photo to be super cool. There was this font of my friend I once came across, that appealed most to me but I had no idea of what font he used. I was even unsure how to search this font on the Google.

If you have also come across some font that you don’t want to miss out, then here are two helpful share that you can use.

1.            Identifont

As you can make out with the name of this website called Identifont, you can find the closest and similar looking font (if not the actual one) in little time.

What this service does is, it asks you some questions (that don’t take much time), so that you can reach the font you are looking from the database of thousands of them.

2.            What the Font

This website offers different way of determining the font type. It doesn’t ask any questions but require a good quality snapshot of the font. The snapshot is then judged by their algo which almost identifies the font correct most of the times.

Use these services and never miss out any font of your choice.

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