Identify your CPU with Intel Processor Identification Utility

When we purchase a new computer we do give stress on the configuration that we are purchasing as we wish to buy the latest and better performing CPU processor and other things. But with the passage of time we tend to forget the small details and compatibility of the hardware that we have got.

Similar is the case with our CPU processor that we have installed in our machine. Although we can find the information about our system and processor from the My Computer properties or by running the command msinfo32 from Run but this info would be too general and will not tell you about the compatibility of your hardware with other OS.

By running the msinfo32 command you will get the System Information window which will look exactly like the screenie shown above. We would advise you to download this utility developed by Intel called Intel Processor Identification Utility that will help you in identifying even the minute details about your CPU.

You just need to download and install this tool, to get it working. You will see three different tabs in the program window, first one being the Frequency test which tells you about the CPU Speed and frequency. It also lets you know the expected and reported values from where you can determine if there is any error with your hardware.

In the second tab, CPU Technologies, you can find the detailed info on what your CPU supports and what it does not. Here you will also see if your system supports SSE2 or not, something which is required in case you plan to install Windows 8 in your machine.

In the last tab you will find the CPUID Data, where you will find other details like CPU family, type, model, stepping etc. Also you can find if your CPU supports Execute Disable Bit which is needed to run Win 8.

The tool is great and free to use and since it is developed by Intel itself, it would be safe to use on your machine.

Download Intel Processor Identification Utility

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