Idrod Music: iPod look-alike Music Player for Android

These days a mobile phone is not less than a computer, and when it comes to the smartphones, they can perform lots of functions. Whether it is surfing the internet, checking the emails, playing music and videos or other things, a smart phone can perform lot many tasks.

Almost every phone has got its own music player using which we can play most of the audio and video files. And when it comes to playing music on the go, nothing beats iPod. This post is for all the iPod lovers who have switched to an Android phone now. Here is a tool that will convert the appearance of your Android phone into an iPod so that you no longer miss it.

With the help of this free Android app called Idrod Music, you can actually convert the default music player of your Android to the iPod. The music player looks so much similar that you won’t even notice if you are playing the music in your phone or the iPod. The GUI of the app is so much similar to iPod that you will actually feel that you are playing the songs on your iPod.


Idrod Music can be used to play songs, videos, photos and other things that your phone can actually read but on the iPod screen. This app will also provide the same iPod buttons as you would see on an iPod, to the phone, which can be used exactly in the same manner too. Your phone screen will be divided into two halves, wherein the upper portion would behave as the iPod screen and the below portion will act as the iPod navigation buttons.

The app works great too without any glitch, and gives you the color options too, to choose from, thereby allowing you to make the iPod behave as the iPod emulator. Moreover the app also gives you the iPod features like the equalizer, quick song search, album covers and etc. This app can play the following formats MP4, MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, 3GP, MID, XMF, FLAC, ACC, MKV, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WEBP.

To summarize, it looks like if the phone had swallowed an iPod 😀

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