IE6 declared Dead by Microsoft in US

IE6 that changed the trend with its launch in 2001, is officially now declared dead by MS. Microsoft, recently, wanted the users to switch to the new versions of the browser but the count of the people using the newer versions was not that enough.

Now after some 10 years, Microsoft had declared the IE6 browser dead after collecting some statistical data about it. It has been found that less than 1 % of the population in US, used IE6 for their internet browsing purposes which was way too less for the MS to officially announce as the death of the IE6 browser.

The company was pleased at this, as they always wanted to suggest the users to migrate to the newer and later versions of the IE browser. Thus it was the matter of celebrations for the Microsoft which celebrated the occasion with the cake cutting ceremony, the cake being the “Goodbye IE6 cake” with HTML5 logo on it.

IE6 worked great for the systems in the earlier years but it was time when it gets terminated seeing the launch of new and improved web browsers. In case you are still using the IE6 browser, prepare yourself for some other browser as MS had terminated its support to the web browser. [via]

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