Ignore all Facebook Requests Simultaneously

If you are also the person similar to me who don’t like using apps and games on the Facebook but are irritated with the app requests from friends, then here is something that can be useful to you too.

What you do to ignore a game request or some app request? Click on Ignore button one by one to all of them right, but say you have around 15 requests pending, then what would you do? Or say you got some spam requests around 100 in number, would you ignore them one by one?

Use a java bookmarklet known as IgnoreAll, what this does is it ignores all the app requests and invitation that you have in just one single click. What you all need to do is just right click on the link (on homepage), select the option of Add to Bookmarks and when you want to use it the next time, just click on it in your bookmarks and it shall remove all the requests for you.

Please note that this only removes the app requests and invitations but does not even touch your friend requests, so you don’t have any fear of losing them any chance. The website is free to use and requires no installation.

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