Important Programs that a Computer Should Have

One of our regular visitor wanted to know this thing that what should he have in his computer so that there is the least risk of it malfunctioning. Well there is no specific answer to this question as it depends on one person to another.

The list below may be useful for some and not for others but generally a computer, for problem free operation for a longer time, should have following things:

1.    A good and updated Anti Virus like Kaspersky or any other you like. An Anti Virus is a must as it takes out most of the viruses which are the prime reasons for any problem.

2.    A good and updated Anti Spyware like Windows Defender, Spybot Search and Destroy. An Anti Spyware takes out good amount of Spywares and Malwares and also prevents them from doing any malicious activity.

3.    A good Registry Cleaner but this is recommended only for those who are comfortable with working with registries. Most of the viruses and spywares do some changes in registry and editing them carefully restores the changes that fix our problems and also removes the junk in it. Some good registry tools are ccleaner and regcure.

4.    Firewall: Windows default firewall is sufficient enough to keep your PC safe from any unknown intruder. Keep your Firewall on always (type firewall.cpl in Run to see the status).

5.    Disk Defragmenter: keeping the files on disk together is a good way to save space and make the disk respond faster. Diskeeper Lite is a great tool for that but you can also use XP’s default defragmenter.

So tell me how you like the post and if there is anything I missed?

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  1. Actually support for Diskeeper Lite isnt available anymore (IIRC). I personally use and recommend the full version of Diskeeper. Its unmatched in its efficiency to defrag completely in automatic mode even when free space is as little as 5%. Great GUI and fast too.

  2. Wish you had included Malware Bytes.

    Thank you for your News letters. I find them exceedingly

    More power to you in your endeavours



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