Important Tools Required to Fix a Virus Infected Computer

Got a virus in your system? Or has that done some modifications in your PC? No problem you can easily repair your PC back to the original state.

The biggest enemy of the Windows is the Virus. There are so many of those and are increasing day by day, thus increasing the probability of infecting our system. That little thing does many changes in our system like disabling the Task Manager, Folder Options, cmd, Run and msconfig to name a few. But fixing these problems is not difficult any more.

Following is the list of the tools that can re-enable all the disabled things and can be considered as the alternatives if the original tools are disabled.

1.    Process Explorer (Important replacement tool for task manager taskmgr.exe)

Task manager comes very handy to see and also kill the suspicious processes and this is the reason why a virus disables it. But using this important tool you can easily see the processes running in the background.


2.    FreeCommander (Enable Show hidden files and protected operating system files)

Whether the virus is still there in the PC or not you can still see all the hidden files and folders which was, otherwise, not possible, as the option of “Folder Options” was disabled by the virus. FreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager.


3.    Command Prompt replacement tool GS

Command prompt cmd.exe is also an important tool that is used to run several commands and is disabled if there is a virus in the system. Thus even if your PC is infected by a virus, you can use this tool called GS to run the commands.


4.    Run Replacement tool

Viruses are also able to remove the Run box from the start menu and also disabling it making it difficult for us to use this feature but with this tool you can use the Run box easily.


5.    Msconfig.exe replacement tool

Viruses also disable the msconfig making it difficult for us to access and see the startup list from where we can remove the virus easily. Using this tool we can see the startup list and also remove the virus from there.


6.    RegAlyzer (tool to use registry editor regedit.exe)

Registry editor also gets disabled whenever there is a virus attack thus disabling us to undo the changes done by the virus in the registry. Using this tool RegAlyzer we can use the registry editor even if the regedit.exe is blocked.


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