Free Giveaway: Improve your Android phone’s Performance with Auto Memory Manager App

Our devices have limited memory which we need to manage and use properly. If we load the device with lot of unused stuffs then it will surely slow down our device. This is same be it either Computer or a Phone. If you have got an Android phone with you, then we have got something useful for you.

It happens regularly with us that we see some useless processes and applications running in the background which we have finished using. But these apps are not closing automatically, hence we need a memory management app for the phone. There are many apps that can help you here in terminating the tasks and useless processes.


Here is one such app called Auto Memory Manager which have been developed by the makers of the famous tool called System Mechanic (IOLO Technologies). The app aims at improving the efficiency and the speed of your Android phone so that you can use it at the same performance at which it was aimed to deliver (without the background programs slowing it down).


You can configure the app as per you, to kill the unused and completed tasks in the background. The app is free to use and is available in the play store as Auto Memory Manager App (but it of course display ads).


Here at TechSalsa, we thought of providing a Key to the paid version of this app which comes without any ads. To be the lucky one to receive the Free key, just follow the simple following steps:

1. Just subscribe to our free computer tips and tricks by entering your email address in this link. Don’t forget to confirm your subscription by clicking the link in the email received.
Note: it is free too.

2. Join us on Facebook if you have not already.

3. Drop a comment below with your name. Make sure to provide the correct email ID here, as I would be sending the key on this ID only.

Note: If you have done the first two steps already, you don’t need to do that again. The winners will be announced in a week’s time, so keep yourselves updated!

The winner of the giveaway have been randomly selected to be Alex. Congrats Alex, your key have been emailed to you. The giveaway is now closed.

Download Auto Memory Manager Free

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