How to Improve Android or Samsung Battery Life

I have a Samsung phone and have been very pleased with it, until recently when I upgraded my phone’s firmware to the latest version available and this was when battery problems started happening. My phone’s battery was working fine on wifi but whenever I go out on network data, the battery was draining so fast.

I worked with Samsung support team as well but to find out none of their solutions worked. But there are few other solutions that I tried that actually helped me increase the battery life of my phone by 6 hours at least.

So without talking further, here are the steps that you can try for yourself that will put some more battery time in your phone as well:

1. First check the physical condition of your battery (if you can). If the battery cover is removable, check the battery condition. It shouldn’t be soft, wet or bulgy from middle.

2. Next, ensure your Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC are turned off when not in use. Yes, these things save the battery.

3. If your network strength is not good, your phone will consume more battery in searching for the network.

4. Clear the cache of your phone. Check out my video tutorial below to learn how to do it.

Next steps are the steps that I actually did and helped me to improve the battery performance of my phone.

5. Update your Android firmware to the latest version.

6. Update all your installed Play Store apps to the latest versions. While most people have this on Auto-update, some doesn’t. I had to manually update the apps but this ensured my Android optimization apps were updated as well.

7. Update your Samsung Galaxy apps to the latest releases too.

8. Find the app that is creating a wakelock in your phone and thus, not letting your phone go to sleep and consuming the battery from background. Check out this post to know more.

You can also see this video I published to discuss this topic in detail.

Let me know how did you like this and if it worked for you or not.

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