Improve PC Game Performance with Wise Game Booster

Games are one of the best ways to relax and spend some boring time when you have nothing much to do at home. I also like gaming, and thus can tell you how important it is to have a computer that run the games smoothly and without any lag. In case you are also a gamer, but can’t upgrade your PC right now, then this post will tell you how to optimize your computer so that you can have a lag free gaming experience.

A smooth gaming experience requires good computer configuration but not all of us can afford to have the system reconfigured every now and then. Hence it is important to make sure that our resources are free when we are playing the games. The problem here is that we can’t do that manually, thus it is better to use some game speedup tool.

Here is one such free tool called Wise Game Booster. As the name of the tool suggests, it is used to smooth out the gaming experience and impart us a lag free gaming session. What’s different in this tool are the below mentioned features:

• 1-Click Optimization for Game Performance:
If you are not an advanced computer user, then all you need to do is just click the “Optimize All” button and it will optimize all the features and services for you.

• My Games:
This tab all the games which are installed in your PC, this will help you in get the listing of the games without searching the crowded icons.

• System Optimization:
You can optimize the complete system with a single button and see what all items were optimized. Moreover you can restore those items after you have done playing so that you need not worry about which items are getting optimized.

 Process Optimizer:
Optimize the processes either manually or automatically

• Service Optimizer

The tool is worth a try if you are a gamer and going through bad gaming experience in your machine.

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