Include Photographer in the Photos Automatically with Signature Camera Pro

This is the common problem when you are out on some outing or a vacation, you can’t include your own image in the photos you click, isn’t it? You then either look for someone who can click your pic with your buddies or you just manage somehow to click yourselves with the Front mobile camera. Anyways, you can’t get the photographer included in the pic itself.

Well if this is something that has bothered you for quite some time, then do take a look at the app that we are mentioning today, called as Signature Camera Pro. Signature Camera Pro is an app of one of its own kind, as it can take the photos from both the front and rear camera of the cell phone simultaneously that means, you can get yourself also clicked in the same shot while you are clicking others.


The app is very easy to use and you just need to select the template which you want as final shot. One template includes a “By” text besides your photo whereas other template just includes your own pic. So when you are done choosing the templates, you just need to click the Camera button to take the photo.


What is to be noted here is that, it will click 3 photos at the same time, one from rear cam, one from front cam and the final one which have both these combined. Another important point to note here is that, the app will not show you the preview of the front camera, so you will have to be accurate with your guess to include the best shot of yours. Also while the application is still processing, do not move the phone else you might get a shaky image.

Well if you liked what this Signature Camera Pro app has to offer, then you get it for Free (currently) in iTunes app store at the below link.

Download Signature Camera Pro

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