Increase Disk space to avoid Low Disk Space

It happens to most of us some or other time (at least it happens to me most of time) that we see a message appearing on the screen saying “Low Disk Space” and we are in need of some more memory space as we don’t want to delete our important data.

Following are the steps to increase your disk space:

1.    Delete the Temporary files:

These files are created during some process but are completely useless. To delete them, go to C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp folder (User is the name of the account you are using) and delete all the files permanently.

2.    Delete the temporary Internet files:

To do this, open My computer, right click on the C: drive, go to properties and click on Disk Cleanup.

Check all the files not important to you and click on OK to perform the operation. Similarly you can delete the temporary files for other disks as well.

3.    Uninstalling unused programs:

Uninstalling unused applications will increase the disk space significantly.

4.    Delete the old Restore Point files:

Windows makes several restore points for the system to be restored at some safe state but this feature uses significant space.

So it is advisable to delete the old points but this action will not delete the most recent one. Click on More Options tab of Disk Cleanup opened in previous step. Now click on System restore clean up button.

5.    Delete duplicate files:

Deleting duplicate files was very difficult until I come across double-killer which is a freeware that deletes the duplicate content easily.

Download double-killer.

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