Increase Speed Dial in Opera

It has been a long time since Opera ever thought to increase the speed dial slots in its browser. There are many browsers today that provide speed or fast dials and of course more than 9 buttons.

For all those who need to visit lot of sites regularly and are bored with only the 9 speed dials in Opera here is a small tweak with which you can add more sites in Opera Speed Dial and make it more than or less than 3X3 dials.

Steps to Increase Speed Dials

1.    To add more speed dials, we need to edit a file named speeddial.ini which is located in your Opera profile directory (you can find out the location by typing opera:about in the Opera URL and note the path to Preferences Folder).

2.    Close opera and perform the following steps.

3.    By default it is, C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Opera\Opera\Profile

4.    Now just append the following code in this file opened in a text editor.


5.    Save and exit.

These are the numbers that determine the number of speed dials in Opera.

5 Replies to “Increase Speed Dial in Opera”

  1. TO the guy who is complaining about opera speed dial… You can change it easily by editing the .ini file. I have 64 speed dial buttons in my opera on a 24 inch monitor.

  2. I have been trying to have more speed dials [10 rows x 10 columns]into my PC.I received myriad guidelines to continue to get it.But I didnot become successful.Now,I seek readymade 10 x 10 Opera speed dials into my PC. PDC-09434179653

  3. Hey it really works great man!! Thanks a lot… Generally I do not add comments… But I loved this one so much… Cudnt leave without thanking!!

  4. I am unable to increase speed dial slot in opera browser . I tried to locate ” speeddial.ini ” but i did not find it kindly hlep me find out the solution how to increase the no. of slot of speed dial

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